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This site is intended for those who loving devoted to manual labor, especially knitting and crocheting. This is a relatively inexpensive hobby. For fun just to get a needle and thread, and you can spend hours and hours of relaxing, doing manual work, and thereby beautify your home or yourself. Almost every day we will publish some of the scheme or motive or done some of the points that governs you in your work.
We will also post some tips.
See the entire page and select some of the models that you like.
We wish you much pleasure during manual work and great achievements in the development of selected models.
This is a contribution to today.
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nedjelja, 27. prosinca 2015.

My works 83

 Crocheted headband

This tape is crocheted cotton thread crochet "Tango".

Crochet these tapes I used a needle no. 3

Strap length and number of flowers define alone as desired.

This tape can be a bracelet, belt or tape curtain.

I hope you liked the floral tape.

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